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The Illinois Division of the International Association for Identification is a not for profit, professional association for forensics scientists, investigators, crime scene investigators, evidence technicians, and others involved in the forensic investigation of crime.


New members must complete our Membership Application and forward it to the Secretary /Treasurer along with the required fees.


Annual membership renewal may be completed on-line or by mail during the renewal period. Renewal invoices are mailed to members annually.

Member Benefits
Subscription to The Sleuth
Advanced Notice of Events
Reduced Conference Fees
Professional Collaboration

Membership Qualifications

Active Membership: Open to persons actively engaged as an examiner, analyst, investigator, practitioner, or supervisor in law enforcement or the forensic sciences. Applications must be approved and annual dues must be renewed to maintain active membership status. Active members may hold office and are entitled to vote.


Associate Membership:  Open to persons engaged full or part time, in any of the various phases of forensic science or law enforcement but do qualify for Active Membership. Associate members are subject to the same fees, rules, rights, and privileges as active members; however, they are not entitled to hold office or vote.

Please Note:  New members must complete our Membership Application and forward it to the Secretary/Treasurer along with the required fees. If current members know of someone who is interested in joining the division, please download an application and pass it along.

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